Crystal Media Communications was founded in 2008, and since the start, the objective has been simple: change the way people view media and listen to music, through the power of the internet. Let's be honest, the internet has taken over, and CMC has found a way to harness and take advantage of the power. Take a look at what's currently developed and what's still in the works with CMC.


As of February 1st, 2018, our reports are now public access! Curious to know how the station is performing each month? Head on over to and check out the monthly reports now.


WWMR is the veteran of the company. WWMR 105 : The Heat launched in February of 2008, and continues to cater to the audience and provide a different sound to the entertainment industry. WWMR can be heard by navigating to the website,, or if the URL is inaccessible, please navigate here. (This is just one of the many ways to listen)


WOSR is the latest edition to the Crystal Media family. Soul 92 launched in September of 2016, so it's still relatively new to the industry, but it's immediately taken on and has piggybacked off of the power of WWMR and Crystal Media Communications. WOSR can be heard by navigating to the website,, or if the URL is inaccessible, please navigate here. (This is just one of the many ways to listen.)

Artist Exposure

Crystal Media Communications is consistently on the search for new talent to provide to the audience. This isn't to only benefit CMC, but is a GREAT tool for up-and-coming artists. We're always providing airplay to artists who reach out and submit their completed EPKs to us, or have created a partnership with the station(s) and/or the management. Get in touch with us today to discuss potentially getting airplay or partnering with the company.

About Us

What is Crystal Media Communications

Crytal Media Communications is a company located on the west side of Chicago, and is the home to the stations, WWMR 105 : The Heat as well as Soul 92, with additional stations to come in the future. The stations, WWMR 105 : The Heat and Soul 92 both reach worldwide audiences and grasps the idea that media is consistently advancing, but it's crucial to give recognition to artists and media that may not get recognition, while still recoginizing the popular hits of today. CMC keeps tradition by continously bringing new talent, reaching out and partnering with small and large corporations, and doing studies to determine what needs to be done to bring a change.

Our Work Process.


Change doesn't wait around; action must be taken. That's why we explore and determine the need for change. CMC doesn't believe in waiting for change to arrive, we make the change, and our very first motion is to assist small businesses with their success and provide an outlet for artists to showcase their talent and the change that they bring.


We know appearance is important, so another focus of CMC is presenting an image that is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also responsive and functions as it's supposed to. We want for you to be satisfied and able to locate precisely what you came for, so we strive to keep the design of the websites, logos, banners, etc., very appealing to the eye and MOA (method of access).


Our servers are secured by some of the best security features and has optimum RAM space for whatever your needs may be; whether it be communicating with fellow listeners, listening to your favorite hits, or just browsing the latest news stories, loading time will not be a problem for you. Our techs are working around the clock to ensure you experience 99.9% uptime. Whether it be working on listening methods, ensuring the websites are running, or servers are functioning correctly, CMC strives to satisfy you.


After developing, we deliver the product to you. One thing about CMC is that even if the website is inaccessible, there still a way to find and do what you need; we keep a backup option. So, for example, even if the station(s) domains were to go down, you would still be able to listen through a number of platforms, including Tunein Radio.

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